About Off Tropic -
Bringing the ocean to the desert...

Why Off Tropic?

Hey my name is Emma and welcome to Off Tropic!

Off Tropic was born out of love for both country and coastal lifestyles.

I was inspired to create Off Tropic in 2022, after I moved out of the small seaside town I grew up in on the east coast. After moving to the southwestern desert, I quickly fell in love with the wildlife, scenery and country lifestyle. I would even say it’s heaven on earth. Since moving here, the only thing I missed was the ocean. This made me think, why isn’t there a brand that combines country lifestyle with coastal living? You guessed it… this lead to the lightbulb that created Off Tropic.

The place to be...

Coastal Cowgirl

I like to describe Off Tropic as coastal cowgirl inspired! Everything is designed to bring a bit of country to the coast. Our apparel is not only created by the highest quality, but it’s built to last all your own memories and adventures!

Are you ready to join us on this venture? Grab your boots and boards, you’re gonna be here awhile!

-Emma :)